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PRIVATe tours and excursions

Are you coming to Belgrade but you also want to visit the most interesting places in Serbia?

Or you want a private transfer to some other city with sightseeing of places of interest on the way?

You want to see the natural and historical beauties of Serbia and have a great travel experience?

we can be your Holliday taxi and your privete guide trough Serbia.
We organize private taxi tours  and sightseeing of Serbia for foreign tourists who are increasingly present in our country. Enjoy in your own private excursions at the price not much higher than the price per passenger in large tour groups on organized tours by tourist buses. Furthermore, the benefits of driving with us compared to visits to Serbia by bus and tourist organizations are numerous, but the most relevant are the following:


No boring guides. Start your trip and take breaks when it suits you. Visit places you want to visit and stay there as much as you want. Stop by wherever is amusing for you.


Instead adapting to a large group of passengers and tourist guides you are able to travel with your friends or family and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with people that you are close with.


It is needless to compare speed and comfort of a passenger car to the one of a bus. Spend less time traveling and more sightseeing places you visit. At the same time, many more places are available to reach by car than by bus.


Taxi Online for the difference of the buss, come to pick you up and drop you off in your hotel or another address that you want.
Visit Avala

AVALA and smederevo

3-8 hours / 19€ per hour

The most popular private tour for all Belgrade visitors which is only half an hour away from Belgrade. View from Avala tower to Belgrade will leave you breathless. And also, Smederevo Fortress is an option.

Day trip to Novi Sad

Novi Sad

4-8 hours / from 85€ per group
Much smaller than Belgrade, but by many, it is the most beautiful city in Serbia. If you are already visiting Belgrade, there would be no damage to see Novi Sad that was only 100km away from Belgrade.
Serbian Fortress Day tours

Golubac Fortress

5-9 hours / from 110€ per group

Only 2 hours drive to one of the most beautiful Serbian medieval fortresses on the Danube at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge. Visit the archaeological site Viminacium and much more.

Serbian Monastry day tour


8 hours / 160€ per group
2 beautiful medieval monasteries and fortresses, the largest cave in Serbia, waterfall, restaurants in fantastic ambiance. All this in just one day…
Uvac Lake Day tour

canyon of uvac

all day / 180€ per group
The Uvac Canyon is 4 hours away from Belgrade. But riding a boat, a breathtaking view and a tour of an ice cave will justify every minute’s drive.
Zlatibor tours


12-15 hours / 170€ per group

A couple of hours drive away from Belgrade, but it is the most popular tourist destination for domestic tourists. Mountain landscapes, caves, waterfalls…..

Serbian Monastry day tour

Tara and mokra gora

full day / 180€ per group

Did you hear about famous Sargan Eight Railway on Mokra Gora in Tara National Park? Visit the beautiful nature of west Serbia on a private tour.

Fruska Gora Serbia

Fruška Gora

4-8h / 19€ per hour

If you are a lover of good wine, greenery and would like to visit some of 30 Fruska Gora monasteries, then this one-day trip from Belgrade is ideal for you.

Fruska Gora Serbia

Custom Tailored tour

Make your journey

Places that you want to visit isn’t shown in our offer? No problem, you can send us a quotation for your custom-tailored tour in Serbia.


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