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Transfer Belgrade - Zlatibor

Transfer Belgrade – Zlatibor

Private taxi ride from Belgrade to Zlatibor

Zlatibor is the most popular tourist center in Serbia. There are various variants of passenger transportation from Belgrade to Zlatibor. But travelers who want maximum comfort and flexibility are defined for a private taxi transfer . Taxi ride on the Belgrade-Zlatibor route is charged at a fixed price without hidden costs and this transportation cost does not depend on the number of your passengers (1-4) and do not share the vehicle with unknown passengers. A similar price is the transfer from Belgrade  to other places nearby such as Cacak, Ovcara Banja, Pozega, Uzice, Tara. Most of the information on our transportation services to Zlatibor can be found in the texts below before you call. We emphasized in several places that we do not deal with line and shared transportation services and we do not sell any tickets, so please do call us for such services. 

Belgrade - Zlatibor by car

Belgrade-Zlatibor transfer

price 120 €

Unfortunately there is no shared car transfers to Zlatibor. But it is usually uncommon for anyone to go to Zlatibor or any other tourist center, so when there are more passengers together, then the taxi transfer is not such a big expense. And for foreign tourists, we have even to offer private day trips to Zlatibor.  Often, we are hired by the owners of Zlatibor apartments to bring guests from Belgrade or a Belgrade Airport. We are open for any kind of cooperation of this type.

transport from

Belgrade airport 130€

You can also hire us for a taxi ride from the Belgrade airport to Zlatibor. The route from the Belgrade highway from Belgrade to Zlatibor is overloaded with traffic and especially by freight vehicles, and therefore it takes about 4 hours drive for a distance of 230km. By building one part of the highway from Ljig to Čačka, the ride is a bit easier, but given that this part of the road is a little longer driving time, nothing is shorter. That is why tourists going to Zlatibor from Belgrade, and especially our people working abroad, hire a taxi for the transport serviceto this tourist center. The cost of transporting a taxi to Zlatibor is of course less profitable than driving a bus. But if you consider that after a bus ride, you will lose your entire day on Zaltibor while you are recovering, and even if you have 3-4 passengers, then taxi to Zlatibor is not such a bad option.

Price of private tansfer (1-4 passengers): 120 €


Price of a private van group transfer up to 8 persons 170 €



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Taxi from Airport to Zlatibor
čekanje na aerodromu

Price 120 €

Our transfer price Belgrade – Zlatibor(110€) or Airport – Zlatibor(120€) is without hidden costs.

Price is included and we do not charge extra:

  • waiting at the airport
  • tracking the flight
  • parking at the airport
  • tolls on the highway
  • luggage
  • number of passengers (1-4)


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    On the way to zlatibor:

    • Meljak
    • Lazarevac
    • Ljig
    • Čačak
    • Ovčar Banja
    • Požega
    • Užice

    Near Zlatibor:


    What to see:

    • Stopić cave
    • Tornik
    • Waterfall Gostilje
    • Čigota
    • Etno Village Sirogojno

    Price inquiry

    13 + 4 =


    where to sleep:

    • Hotel Mona
    • Hotel Idila
    • Hotel Mir
    • Hotel Iris
    • Hotel Palisad

    About Zlatibor

    Zlatibor is the most popular home destination of citizens for vacation or weekend. There may not be conditions for skiing as Kopaonik but Zlatibor is much closer to Belgrade, but it is more and more popular. On the other hand, Belgraders seek refuge from the glowing Belgrade asphalt, so flying is also decided to escape from the city to some of the mountain pearls of Serbia such as Zlatibor. Forest slopes and altitudes over 1000m make Zlatibor an air-conditioned spa with a pleasant climate. Numerous facilities can make your stay in Zlatibor interesting, such as driving squares, bicycles, walking, bobbing, skiing, cycling, riding, and even night life is not negligible. Both in Zlatibor and in its surroundings there is something to see. We suggest to visit Stopica cave, Potpećka cave, Gostilje waterfall, ethno village Sirogojno. And not even the famous Chargan Eight.

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