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Novi sad

With just under 300,000 inhabitants, Novi Sad is 5-6 times smaller than Belgrade, about 100 kilometers away, when traveling by highway. Despite this fact, even many Belgrade residents consider Novi Sad as the most beautiful city in Serbia and that’s why private tours to Novi Sad from Belgrade are really popular. This round trip with many customizable options is our recommendation. Unjustly, Novi Sad is visited by much fewer tourists than Belgrade except during one of the most popular music festivals – Exit. However, if you are on a business trip or on holiday in Belgrade, you may also want to consider a one-day visit to Novi Sad, which takes just over an hour’s drive.

What to see in Novi sad


Our driver would leave you at the very center of the city (the entrance to a large pedestrian zone.) You will soon arrive at beautiful Roman Catholic parish church of St. Mary, which would be your landmark, so that you would not be lost when visiting charming streets of Novi Sad filled with pleasant cafes and charming pubs. The estimated time for the tour in the center is about 2-3 hours.


Once you have finished the city sightseeing, the driver would transport you to the right bank of the Danube, where famous Petrovaradin Fortress is located on Petrovaradin rocks. The Austrians built them between 1692 and 1780 at the site of the Serbian medieval fortress that they had previously demolished. It was built due to the constant danger from the Turks and the proximity of the Ottoman Empire border.


Not at the sea, but if you visit Novi Sad in summer months you can go to the city beach Štrand, which is located on the Danube river. Novi Sad is famous for perhaps the most beautiful girls in Europe, so if you are a man you will certainly enjoy the sight.



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