Why Private Transfer Services are a Better Choice than Local Taxi or Uber?

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When you need transportation from the airport or to a distant city or resort and want to avoid buses or trains, you typically choose between a local taxi or Uber and a private transfer service like Taxi Online International. In this post, we’ll help you decide which option suits your needs better.


What is a Private Transfer and What are its Drawbacks?


You can summon a local taxi immediately, hail one on the street, find one at a taxi stand, or use a taxi app. However, companies like Taxi Online International typically don’t have a large fleet waiting at taxi stands. Rides must be booked in advance to allow proper scheduling, as drivers often cover long distances and align with flight schedules for airport transfers.


Short Distances

Private transfers usually don’t cater to short distances. These services focus on longer trips, often with airport transfers being the minimum service offered.


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Advantages of Private Transfer Services

Despite the above drawbacks, private transfer services offer numerous advantages over local taxis and Uber for airport or intercity transfers:

Service Quality

Taxi companies handle a large number of rides, requiring many vehicles and drivers. Mass operations can compromise quality. In contrast, private transfer services like Taxi Online International maintain high standards and strict rules for their drivers, ensuring superior service quality. Clients traveling longer distances, such as airport transfers or multi-day private tours, expect and receive a higher level of service.


Fixed Pricing

While there might be some situations where a taxi is cheaper, especially for short rides, for longer distances, private excursions, and similar trips, taxis and Uber are usually more expensive. With a private transfer service, you always know the fixed price before the ride begins. This eliminates the uncertainty of complex fare systems and ensures you won’t be overcharged.


Airport Pickup

Navigating an unfamiliar airport can be confusing, especially when you’re tired and carrying luggage. Searching for a taxi can be stressful, and you may not know which taxi is the safest or most affordable. With a pre-booked private transfer from Taxi Online International, your driver will monitor your flight and arrive at the airport just before you land, waiting for you at the arrivals terminal with a sign bearing your name. They will also assist with your luggage.



Taxi companies manage thousands of rides daily, increasing the likelihood of errors. While waiting a bit longer for a taxi is manageable for short trips, delays or no-shows can be very stressful when you’re heading to the airport or a distant location. Private transfers are less prone to such issues, as these services are specialized and have multiple systems in place to ensure reliability and punctuality.



While the ability to call a taxi at the last minute is a major advantage, pre-scheduling a private transfer also has its benefits. When you book your ride in advance, you can rest assured that your transportation will be at the agreed location and time. You can even book your transfer as soon as you purchase your flight tickets and plan your travel itinerary, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Better Vehicles and Class Options

When you order a taxi from a local company, the vehicle that arrives is often a gamble. Limo services like Taxi Online International offer a choice of vehicle classes. You can select from a range of vehicles that best suit your budget, passenger count, luggage needs, or desire for additional luxury and comfort.


How to Choose the Right Company for Your Private Transfer?

We hope you see the advantages of hiring a specialized chauffeur service over a taxi or Uber for private tours, airport transfers, or long-distance rides. But how do you choose the best company?


Avoid Large Global Companies

Opt for companies that carefully select local professional drivers. Taxi Online International operates in multiple countries but isn’t a large global company. Each driver has been interviewed by our management and agreed to our terms and standards. Global companies often pass your request to numerous local operators, seeking the lowest bid, which can compromise service quality.


Check Reviews on TripAdvisor

Reviews are crucial. TripAdvisor is the most reliable source for evaluating premium passenger transport companies. Not only do we have hundreds of positive comments and excellent ratings, but Taxi Online International has also been awarded multiple times by TripAdvisor for impeccable service, placing us in the top 10% of listed businesses on the world’s leading travel platform.

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