Banja Koviljača


Serbia is a beautiful small country in south-east-Europe. The continental climate gave this land a great variety of seasons and it’s amazing at any time of the year. In winters, Southwesterly winds bring warm air from the Middle East and Central Asia, while autumn in Serbia shows all shades of golden colors and gives a great chance for quiet and relaxing tourism. In winter, Serbia is a paradise for adventure tourism such as skiing and snowboarding. Serbia is the boisterous place to visit once in your lifetime. The country has a large assortment of Spa and wellness centers for those seeking respite from nerve-wracking daily life and speedy healing. Serbia has more than 40 spas, visited by 400,000 each year. Each spa and wellness center offers outstanding facilities, professional staff, and luxury extras along with magnificent locations. If you are looking for a rejuvenating vacation to heal your stress away, Serbia has something for you.

Here are my top favorite picks for the best Spa towns and wellness centers in Serbia.


Vrnjačka Banja 

This town is situated in the south of Belgrade on the slopes of Gaucho mountain 230 meters above sea level. The streams in Vrnjačka Banja are measured to have temperatures around 37.5 degrees Celsius, corresponding to the human body. Vrnjačka Banja is the most famous recreation center in Siberia and is one of the UNESCO’s preserved gothic buildings. The roots for its healing properties go back to the 2nd century A.D and since then people come here from Southern Europe for treatments and relaxation. It is very well connected by road transport to other parts of the country. Vrnjačka Banja Spa is 220 km from Belgrade and it takes 4 hours with a bus. To minimize time, you can hire a driver for a private transfer from Belgrade by car, and it will take only 2 hours. As a continental temperate climate with snowy winters, the average temperature in summers drops to 20 degrees. Vrnjačka Banja has seven thermal springs and origin of ‘love locks’ which is famous all-round the globe Vralnjačka Banja spas has been taking leading Serbian tourism with its special characteristics since the beginning.



This spa town is municipally located in the Zaječar. Sokobanja is one of the most renowned tourist resorts in Serbia. It is located in the southern region of Sokobanja valley, enclosed by mountains of Device, Ozren, Junior, Rtanj and Bukovik. The Moravica river runs through Serbia. Since the Roman times, it has been known for its healing waters but in the Ottoman period, Milos Obrenovic demanded expansion spa tourism and since then it is popular both as thermal and air spa among famous tourist resorts in Serbia.


Vrnjačka Banja



Niška Banja

Niška Banja is another one of the tourist attractions located 9 km east of Niš, the third major city of Siberia. Niška Banja spa is ranked as the third best-reputed spa in Serbia. The spa is situated at the base of Suva Planina mountain, which beautifies the look of spa altogether by giving it an artistic and tranquil feel. Tourism in Niška Banja began in the 20th century. The spa is home for the famous summer cultural festival. It is famous for thermal, radioactive waters with traces of radon used to treat coronary diseases, body weight, bone injuries, and post-operative trauma.


Banja Koviljača

Banja Koviljača is the oldest known spa and tourist attraction in Serbia. It is also branded as Royal Spa, located by the Drina river on the west border. It is surrounded by the Gučevo mountains which adds to its breath-taking visuals soothing for mind and soul and plains which known to have healing properties. Banja Koviljača has numerous iron-bearing and thermo-mineral streams which is a health tonic for patients for skin, asthma, and other respiratory disorders, and stream waters are also used for making mud packs used in therapeutic bathing.


Atomska Banja



Banja Vrujci

This spa town is placed in northwestern Serbia around the mountains of Survobor and River Toplica valley. Banja Vrujci was commercialized in the 2000s and branded as ‘Voda Voda’ for its healing waters. The brand is being widely sold in countries like the Czech Republic, Singapore, Russia, and Japan. This phenomenal spa is just 30 miles away from Valjevo, built at the bottom of Suvobour and Maljen mountains and surrounded by scenic hills and backdrop of virgin nature. It features free-flowing bathing pools with Serbian mineral waters constructed on thermal water springs. The Spa has oligomineral waters with temperature 27-27 degrees Celsius used for drinking and bathing. Banja Vrujci is a perfect spot for vacation, relaxation, camping, fishing, rock climbing, and a lot of other activities.




Atomska Banja

This spa center is located in village Gornja Trepča, ČačaK, Serbia. The spa waters are filled with sodium and Sulphur along with trace amounts of uranium and radon. Thousand of people visit Atomska Banja, where health has been springing up for centuries. Considering the favorable climate and pristine nature it is a perfect place for a person exposed to stress and other detrimental effects of pollutants. The return to nature is a primeval reason for people to visit this gem of a place.



Novopazarska Banja

It is famous for being one of the highest spas in the country. It is classified as a health resort because of brief summer duration, breezy days, and low rainfall, which makes the climate apposite for treatments. The spa is located in the middle of green spaces with over 1000 species of trees which makes it more enjoyable to stay at. The spa has always been known as the best health resort in Raska. In the 18th century, after Novi Pazar was torn down, new bathing rooms were built and the ‘Institute for the Muscle Treatment and Rehabilitation’ was opened.


Novopazarska Banja


Bukovička Banja

Bukovička Banja in Arandjelovac is one of the prominent names in Serbian spas. This heavenly wellness center is famous for springs of curative mineral waters. The therapeutic waters were transported to the prince of the Obrenović dynasty, Milos Obrenović on special appeal to be used in his court. Bukovička Banja has a stunning park that displays the figures of distinguished Yugoslavian and foreign writers. The prime mover of tourism in Bukovička Banja is resort Izvor which offers plenty of services along with spa and wellness facilities.


Bukovicka Banja in Arandjelovac

Banja Kanjiža

The Specialized Rehabilitation Institute in Kanjiža treats various types of chronic inflammatory rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, extraarticular rheumatism and the consequence of trauma, bone and muscle injuries. Quick and painless examination diagnoses osteoporosis, a disease that causes weakening of the bones and is in third place just behind the disease of the heart and blood vessels. The Kanjiža Spa is important for the rehabilitation of children, the preparation of athletes, congress meetings and the anti-cellulite program. It is remarkable for its outstanding equipment and professionalism. The spa is known for its medical rehabilitation program, which lasts for three to five days and is called “Charged Battery” a. It consists of a well-dosed and controlled treatment of physical activity, cycling, exercise, boating on the Tisa and fishing on this river.


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