Subotica And Palić Lake – the top attractions

It is easy to know when Subotica in northern Serbia had its golden age. Because this cult city is full of rooms and palaces of Art Nouveau style of the early twentieth century. The tour de force is the town hall and its 45-meter tower, but this is just one of the many things that you must do on a tourist visit to Subotica and Palić.



The places of worship of Subotica, from the Art Nouveau synagogue to the 18th century cathedral, also deserve your attention. And on the edge of the city among the vineyards is Palić. This is a lakefront complex that also jumped into the arena at the beginning of the 20th century and is now returning.


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Let’s explore the best things to do in Subotica and Palić:

Subotica Town Hall

The majestic town hall is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, which was completed in 1912. The central landmark of Subotica was conceived by a team of Jewish-Hungarian architects, Dezső Jakab and Marcell Komor. This is of the best places to be and things to do in Subotica and Palić.

The two were students of Ödön Lechner, who has been described as the “Hungarian Gaudí”. What you get is the sinuous decoration of Art Nouveau and the use of wrought iron, ceramics and stained glass, combined motifs inspired by Hungarian folklore.

Introduce yourself at noon and you can enjoy a tour of the opulent interiors, and you can climb to the observation platform 45 meters above Trg Slobode.


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Trg Slobode (Freedom Square)

Under the colossal town hall, and surrounded by elegant buildings such as the People’s Theater, is the city’s extensive central square.

This is a leafy space with grass, paths drawn by iron gas lights and some monuments to enjoy.

There is a statue of Jovan Nenad, the ephemeral Serbian emperor who was murdered in 1527 a year after his reign.

You can also remain inactive for a moment with Green (1985) and Blue Fountain (2001), made with the same Zolnay tiles that adorn the masterpieces of Subotic Art Nouveau.

The square is also the scene of concerts and markets during the year.

And on any given day, people will gather in Trg Slobode to walk and chat in the green.

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Cathedral of Santa Teresa de ÁvilaThe city’s Catholic cathedral is from the 1770s, when Subotica was in the Habsburg monarchy.

Teresa de Ávila is also the patron of Subotica and appears on the city’s coat of arms.

The church, which in 1974 was erected by Pope Paul VI to the minor basilica, has a baroque design by Franz Kaufmann de Pest.

Despite its rather narrow plan, the bell towers are 64 meters high and if you look closely you will see the image of Mary on the roof between them.

Pest artists were also recruited for interior decoration; See the paintings on the walls and above the central hall, as well as the stone stele in the tomb of the Perčić family of 1824.


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Wine Tours

Subotica’s sandy soils, hot summers and cold winters have nourished the vines for more than 300 years.

The industry went into decline after the 1980s, but today it has a new life.

New varieties of grapes have been introduced, such as Riesling, Merlot and Chardonnay, in addition to the local Kadarka (red) and Kevedinka (white). There are six wineries within walking distance of Subotica, and the best thing is that the tourism board organizes the day – long wine trips on the weekend.

They will be picked up and taken to the Kelebija and Zvonko wineries, which have won excellent reviews for their fruity reds and crispy whites.


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Only 8 kilometers from Subotica is Palić, very famous in Serbia due to the Lake of the same name, the largest in the country. Apparently the lake is now connected to the Tisa River so you can’t swim. However, it is a perfect place to walk. Moreover, among the dense vegetation of the Grand Park (Veliki Park) several beautiful modernist buildings stand. Our favorites are the Water Tower, the Great Terrace, the Music Pavilion and the Women’s Bath (Ženski štrand). There is also a zoo.


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