If you arrive in Belgrade for tourist or business reasons, you will probably need a taxi service at some point. And if you randomly choose a taxi that will drive you, great chances are of being cheated. that is, your taxi ride will be charged in a much higher amount than the official taxi price in Belgrade. Therefore, we will explain to you with this text how to recognize fake taxi also known as a pirate or a wild cabs who charges more than legal Belgrade taxi companies with a unique transport price regardless of the company.

Taxi Online does not deal with taxi services around the city, but our clients for private tours from Belgrade are mostly foreign tourists who have shared their experiences with wild taxi drivers in Belgrade and have asked us to write an article like this that may be of benefit to all visitors the capital of Serbia.


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TX register plates

The first and basic way of recognizing regular taxi drivers with a taxi license from the city of Belgrade from a fake taxi are is the TX at the end of the car registration plates. Naturally, the first letterheads should be BG marking the city of Belgrade, and between are the numbers.
For example BG01010TX. Very often, fake taxis have instead of the mark of the TX mark IX, but they vehemently hide the upper part of the plates, so at first glance, if you do not pay attention, they really act like TX.
However, unfortunately, even if the vehicle has a TX and a taxi driver has a valid taxi permit, there is no guarantee that you will not be deceived.

Taxi companies

Taxi drivers in Belgrade are registered independent entrepreneurs, and taxi companies are in fact only associations in which they are joining in order to have more rides. Considering that the city authority of Belgrade is definitely for some reason is not doing its job well, and for years it has not been able to deal with the big problem of wild taxis and legal taxis who are prone to fraud and only taxi associations can have what kind of control over their members. Because of this, taxis who want to deal with thieves are not getting into the fire but working with stand-alone taxi boards or boards of non-existent companies or join into bad associations that do not control their members.


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That is why it is after the choice of vehicles with TX register plates, the most important choice is taxi associations. Even if Belgrade has over 10 taxi associations, we will list only those in which there is a minimal chance of an inconvenience to your increased billing:

  • Naxis
  • Lux Taxi
  • Pink Taxi
  • Beogradski Poslovni Taxi

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Pay attention, wild taxis often wear taxi signs that resemble the signs of these associations and especially Naxis Taxi. Read what is on taxi sign itself instead of recognizing your recognizable color and shape of a taxi company.

With regard to wild taxis who wear signs similar to companies and that there are fewer taxis who are members of the associations themselves, but they are able to charge some percentage more the next way in which you almost completely rule out the chance of being charged more is to do not stop a taxi on the street at all or enter a taxi station. Call a taxi association or order a vehicle through an application or a viber. That way your drive will be recorded and if you get any inconvenience you will easily be able to complain to the taxi company itself.
Of course, you do not have to order a vehicle yourself. In every hotel, restaurant, cafe, employees can do it for you.

In any case, if you suspect the regularity of the price at the end of the drive, feel free to ask for a bill which in this case the taxi driver is legally obligated to give you.
Unfortunately, due to a certain percentage of taxi thieves and scammers, even the Belgradians themselves assign all taxi drivers to the same basket. Most taxi drivers are ordinary, family people who, with their fair work, try to support their families and wild taxis are their unfair competition from which they can not even come to places in Belgrade where they have the most tourists. Wild taxis are always the first in front of night clubs, on a dock, in town squares.

To sum up:

  • Do not rush into the first taxi you see, especially not in attractive tourist locations
  • Make sure the vehicle has a TX at the end of the registration plates
  • Choose a reliable company
  • Safest is to order a taxi
  • If you suspect the correctness of the price, you are looking for an account. If you are sure that this is an increased charge, refuse to pay.

We hope that with this text we managed to help you not to be another cheated user of Belgrade’s wild taxis services.


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