The capital of Serbia is like many other big European cities. Architectures, museums, restaurants, attractions … are not what makes it special in relation to other European cities. The history of Belgrade was extremely turbulent and interesting, but it is not that that is so interesting to the younger population of foreign tourists. Many of them here attract nightlife, low prices and  beautiful and communicative girls. The citizens of Belgrade are extremely friendly and joyful people, and the vast majority of young citizens of Belgrade speak excellent English.


A night out every night!

You have good night clubs in every big city, but mostly work on Friday and Saturday. However, they work in Belgrade every night, and a large number of people are are parting in them not only on weekends, but in all other days.
How to explain it? How do these people get up in the morning for work? Well, most of these people do not have a standard work from 9am to 5pm. The working class, unfortunately, can not afford frequent night outings and spending in clubs. However, a certain percentage of people in Serbia and neighboring countries, such as Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been enriched in the post-war transition, and many of them are now in tune with politics and mischievous jobs that bring a lot of money to them and their families. Most of them moved to Belgrade as the largest city in the region. Children of such people mostly do not work and do not study but are studying some private faculties and they are partying almost every night. So do not be surprised that Belgrade cafes are full of peoples even in normal working hours, and night clubbing are available every night of the week.


Belgrade girls

Serbian women and girls from other South-Slavic nations are considered one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Young mens from all over the world who come to Belgrade definitely have something to see in night clubs.


The Splav’s

Famous Belgrade splav’s are characteristic for Belgrade. In literal translation it means rafts. These are night clubs that float on the river Sava and the Danube. There are dozens of them. Most of them are open only at the summer, while winter is good choice of nightclubs in the city center. On another occasion, we will also list the most popular nightclubs in Belgrade.


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